Earth - David Brin


Author: David Brin

In the wonderful world of Earth, we immerse ourselves in a universe full of adventures, emotions and wisdom that invites us to explore new horizons and discover the magic that is hidden in each page. With fascinating characters and unexpected twists, this book transports us to distant places and teaches us valuable lessons about life, love and improvement. Whether we are looking to entertain ourselves, learn something new or simply let ourselves be carried away by our imagination, Earth offers us an unforgettable journey that invites us to dream and grow as human beings. Get ready to immerse yourself in this incredible story and be captivated by its unmatched charm!


In this classic hard science fiction-thriller by the New York Times–bestselling author of Startide Rising, a man-made black hole threatens the future of Earth.

Scientist Alex Lustig has created a tiny, yet very destructive, problem—a microscopic black hole that he accidentally dropped into Earth’s core. Now, racing to keep it from consuming the planet, he begins to suspect something even stranger is going on. Something linked to civilization’s expanding information web.

And with the planet overpopulated and neglect taking its toll on the environment, there are those who demand a harsh solution: that Mother Earth would be better off without humanity at all . . .

A Finalist for the Hugo Award for Best Novel

“The Moby-Dick of the whole Earth movement.” —Locus

 “A powerful, cautionary tale.” —San Francisco Chronicle

 “Brin has conceived his story on a supremely ambitious scale, and executed it with all of the skills at his command.” —Chicago Sun-Times

 “It is indeed a book that anyone interested in the survival of our terrifying species should read.” —Interzone


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