Untrue Blue - Emma Jameson

Untrue Blue

Author: Emma Jameson

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In Untrue Blue, you will immerse yourself in a world of adventures, emotions and learning. From the pages of this book, you can travel to exotic places, meet fascinating characters, and discover unforgettable stories. With a unique and captivating style, Untrue Blue invites you to explore new horizons, expand your mind and awaken your imagination. Whether you are an avid reader looking for a new challenge or a child eager for new experiences, Untrue Blue has something special to offer you. Get ready to be captivated by the magic of reading and immerse yourself in a universe of infinite possibilities. Welcome to Untrue Blue, where dreams come true!


"Tony, something’s wrong inside the Met. It’s upside down. Like looking at the skyline and seeing Elizabeth Tower on her head. You sense it, don’t you?”

For Lord Anthony Hetheridge, this wet April should be full of promise. His wife, Kate, is on bedrest for her final month of pregnancy, and his friend DI Deepal "Paul" Bhar's firstborn, a darling baby girl, has already arrived. Wellegrave House is restored and the Hetheridges are back where they belong, in the heart of Mayfair. But inside Scotland Yard, the institution Tony served for so many years, something is very wrong.

When the body of Tony's former protege, DC Amelia Gulls, is found murdered in her flat, suspicion immediately falls on her boyfriend, DC Sean Kincaid. And when Paul calls in Tony to assist with the investigation, they turn up more questions than answers. Before her death, Gulls was working on three cold cases: a kept woman hurled out the window of her fourth-floor love nest, a uni student who drowned in the Thames, and a retired detective’s drug-addicted son found dead under a tree. As Tony probes these seemingly unsolvable cases, he draws closer to a shocking truth--and a dangerous reckoning. 
UNTRUE BLUE is the seventh book in the ongoing Lord & Lady Hetheridge Mystery Series. The series' first omnibus, DEADLY TRIO, appeared on both the New York Times  and USA Today bestseller lists, and all of the books have made appearances on Apple bestseller lists. The author, Emma Jameson, would like to take this opportunity once again to thank her readers for their messages of support. The most common question she's asked is, "Will you keep writing Lord & Lady Hetheridge books?" The answer is s resounding yes.


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