Never In My Wildest Dreams - Erika Kelly

Never In My Wildest Dreams

Author: Erika Kelly

Welcome to the exciting world of Never In My Wildest Dreams, a book that promises to take you on a journey full of emotions, learning and new experiences. With each page you read, you will immerse yourself in a unique and fascinating universe that will transport you to distant places, make you reflect on life and teach you valuable lessons. Whether you are a lover of fiction, an avid reader of technical books, or a curious explorer of philosophy, Never In My Wildest Dreams has something special in store for you. Prepare to be surprised, excited and inspired by the wonders that this book has in store for you. You can not lose this!


A blizzard strands two strangers in a cabin on Christmas Eve, and there's only one bed. Neither of them expects the surprise that comes nine months later. Lorelei Calloway was on top of the world. A world-famous pop star, she relied on her inner circle to keep her grounded— until she found out the truth. They’d been betraying her all along. Refusing to break down in front of the paparazzi, she asks her manager to rent a cabin where she can escape to heal her wounds. Booker Hayes is a good man in a world of sharks. When his boss demands he choose money over his conscience, he takes off for Christmas break to his cabin. Exhausted from a long day of travel and fighting a blizzard that’s shut down the town, he falls into bed—only to be awakened by a shrieking woman wielding a bat. Well, oops. It looks like, in her distraught state of mind, Lorelei entered the wrong cabin. She promises to leave the moment the roads are cleared. Except…the next thirty-six hours bring them a passion and connection neither of them has ever experienced. But when Wi-Fi returns, reality hits, and it’s time to return to the real world. They’ve chosen not to share names or personal details, so goodbye means forever. Or does it? Two years later, fate decides to throw them back together as maid of honor and best man in their best friends’ wedding. Only, Lorelei’s changed since she last saw him. She’s got a daughter. One with Booker’s sea glass-green eyes and daredevil spirit.


  • 4.25stars-captivating &compelling

    Autor: Sandy Sch
    4.25stars— NEVER IN MY WILDEST DREAMS is the fourth instalment in Erika Kelly’s contemporary, adult RENEGADES HOCKEY erotic, romance series set in the author’s CALAMITY FALLS world. This is thirty-five year old, sports agent Booker ‘Slick’ Hayes, and twenty-six year old pop star Lorelei ‘Hellcat’ Calloway’s story line. NEVER IN MY WILDEST DREAMS can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story lines is revealed where necessary. Told from dual omniscient third person perspectives (Booker and Lorelei) following two time lines NEVER IN MY WILDEST DREAMS focuses on the relationship between our story line couple. Approximately two years earlier, sports agent Booker Hayes had to make a decision about his future, a decision he would make while taking a break at his cabin during the Christmas holidays but Booker never expected to come face to face with a feisty young woman who claims she was renting the cabin for the foreseeable future. Enter pop star Lorelei Calloway, the woman with whom Booker would fall in love but all was not as it appeared to be. Neither one ‘willingly’ introduced themselves to the other, and several days spent together ended when Booker was called home to avert a potential disaster. Fast forward two and half years, at a mutual friends’ wedding Booker would come face to face with his past in the guise of Lorelei Calloway, the woman who was now the mother of his two year old daughter. Booker had never intended to ghost our story line heroine but perceived betrayal pushed Lorelei out of his life, and out of the life of the daughter he never knew. What ensues is the rekindling relationship between Booker and Lorelei, and the potential fallout as Booker must come to a decision regarding his future, and a future with the family he never knew he had. The world building follows several pathways including the original introduction and holidays spent together between our story line couple. Booker never knew Lorelei was a famous singer, a Grammy winning pop star who was betrayed by friends, a pop star who needed alone time to consider her path going forward. Booker Hayes knew betrayal first hand having lost not only a shot at professional hockey, but also the loss of several lifelong friendships. A week at the cabin would culminate with a new direction for our hero, as well. The relationship between Lorelei and Booker begins as strangers, snowed in, at a cabin prior to the Christmas holidays. With limited information about one another, and a missing letter that was never read, Booker and Lorelei would never know what a week together meant for one another. The $ex scenes are provocative and intense without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text. There is a large ensemble cast of colorful and energetic secondary and supporting characters including Booker’s one-time friends Declan Cadel, Cole Montgomery, Jaime Dupree; Booker’s mother, and his partner George; Lorelei’s father Beau, and Booker’s client Ginny. NEVER IN MY WILDEST DREAMS is a story of second chances; of secrets and lies, family and friendships, relationships, forgiveness and love.The premise is captivating and compelling; the romance is seductive and erotic; the characters are dynamic, charismatic and determined.