Vortex - Larry Bond & Patrick Larkin


Author: Larry Bond - Patrick Larkin

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In the exciting universe of literature, we find a book that has managed to conquer hearts of all ages and tastes. Vortex is the work that will transport you to a world full of emotions, adventures and learning. With unforgettable characters and captivating plots, this book is an invitation to immerse yourself in a world of fantasy and creativity. Whether you are a voracious reader looking for new stories or a lover of children's literature looking for stories that stimulate the imagination, Vortex is the perfect choice. Discover the magic that is hidden within its pages and let yourself be enveloped by its charm and wisdom. A book that will undoubtedly become one of your favorites and will accompany you on every literary adventure you decide to undertake.


Set in South Africa of the early 1990s, this military thriller has fascist ultraconservative Afrikaners staging a coup and taking over the Pretoria government. The new government then re-institutes apartheid and invades bordering Namibia. A Communist counterforce led by the Cubans is mounted, as internal revolt and harsh suppression breed domestic chaos. A Boer nuclear attack on the Cubans is answered by nerve gas from the Cubans. A daring raid by US Rangers destroys the Afrikaner weapons before they can be used again, while U.S. and British ground forces restore order after much fighting and destruction.

“The techno-thriller has a new ace, and his name is Larry Bond.”
 – Tom Clancy, Author of “Clear and Present Danger”

“Military adventure on grand scale … and intricate and compelling thriller that is pure Bond in great form. Larry Bond has proven himself the master of military adventure.”
 – Clive Cussler, Bestselling author of “Dragon”

“Techno-thriller fans rejoice! Larry Bond is good – very, very good. I started sweating on the first page.”
 – Stephen Coonts, Bestselling author of “Under Siege”

“A gripping military scenario novel. As timely as today’s headlines.”
– W.E.B Griffin, Bestselling author of “Battleground”


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