Meant For Gabriel - Natasha Madison

Meant For Gabriel

Author: Natasha Madison

Meant For Gabriel is a book that invites the reader to immerse themselves in a world of emotions, adventures and wisdom. With an immersive plot that captivates from the first pages, this book promises to take us to unimaginable places and fill us with inspiration and learning. Whether we're looking to escape reality for a while, learn something new, or just enjoy a good story, Meant For Gabriel has something for everyone. With memorable characters, fascinating settings and a unique narrative style, this book promises to be an unforgettable experience that will transport us to unknown universes and make us reflect on life and everything that surrounds us. Immerse yourself in the pages of Meant For Gabriel and let yourself be carried away by the magic of literature.


From Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Amazon Bestselling Author Natasha Madison comes new a small town, single dad, surprise baby romance.
When a hockey princess takes a trip to the south and two pink lines change everything!

From the spin-off of Southern Sunrise & This Is Wild.

The day I picked out my wedding dress is the day I found out my fiancé was cheating on me.
After that, I needed an escape.
A distraction to take my mind off what a mess my life was.
It was supposed to be a one-night thing.
Then it turned into more. 
We knew going in that it was for two weeks.
Then, two pink lines changed everything.

I thought I had the perfect life.
I had an amazing son, and I was running the family bar.
But all that changed the day she walked in.
She was gorgeous and funny all wrapped into one.
It was temporary, we both knew that.
She's a city girl. I'm a cowboy.
But I fell in love with her and let her go all at the same time.
Now she's back and pregnant with my baby.
It's time to show her she was meant for me.


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