Losing Game - Tracie Delaney

Losing Game

Author: Tracie Delaney

  • Release Date: 2022-08-11
  • Genre: Romance

In the world of literature, Losing Game stands out as a work that promises to immerse the reader in a universe full of surprises and emotions. With memorable characters and immersive plots, this book manages to captivate readers of all ages and tastes. From the depths of science fiction to the tenderness of a children's story, Losing Game covers a wide range of genres and emotions that make it an essential read for those looking to escape and enjoy hours of entertainment and reflection. Get ready to be carried away by the pages of Losing Game and discover a fascinating world full of possibilities and adventures. You can not lose this!


The sizzling sequel to Winning Ace. Can Tally find it in her heart to forgive Cash? Or are some relationships broken beyond repair?

Heartbroken by her lover's betrayal, Tally McKenzie flees to Brighton, determined to rebuild her shattered life.

Stubborn and relentless former playboy tennis ace Cash Gallagher tracks her down, where he shares his darkest secret in a desperate bid for redemption.

His honesty wins her back, but as the lovers begin to rebuild their relationship, further shocking events loom on the horizon. A cruel twist of fate threatens to destroy everything, putting Cash's hard-fought career in jeopardy.

Can their love withstand the catastrophic challenges ahead? Or will the hot tennis ace discover that his dark past is only the beginning of his woes?


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